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When purchasing mold parts, are you troubled by the following problems

Poor product quality

Poor handling of details, poor product quality?

Delivery is not on time

Delivery time is too long due to late delivery of deposit?

The appearance is not atmospheric

Ugly appearance, lower equipment level

Product cannot be customized

Can't be non-standard customization, can't meet individual needs?

After sales service is not good

The after-sales service is not good, we can't find the person in charge?

Why chooseYulun mould
Specializing in metal stamping die and parts processing

1 Yushun precision mould

  • Customer oriented, service-oriented, and strive to create greater value for customers.
  • Professional R & D team, constantly update relevant technology and equipment practicability;
  • Is a professional design, processing of high-precision mold and parts as the main processing enterprises
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2 Complete production and testing equipment

  • Adopt the mechanical parts meeting the international standards, and some main parts are imported with original packaging,
  • With high-end processing equipment and first-class testing instruments imported from Japan
  • The main precision testing equipment includes projector, tool microscope, altimeter, comparator, etc
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3 Sufficient warehouse and timely delivery

  • Regular products will be delivered within two days without delay of your production cycle
  • The fastest delivery time of production cycle is 7 days, and the customized products are delivered within 15 working days!
  • Perfect logistics distribution center, products are sold all over the country;
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4 Gold medal after-sales service makes you worry

  • 7 * 24 hours online customer service, 1 hour quick response mechanism, quick Q & A
  • Full range of marketing services to the majority of new and old customers! Quick response, timely action!
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Provide you with one-stop parts customization service
  • Demand

  • Market price

  • Model selection

  • Product

  • Contract Signature

  • MRO Buyer

  • Customized

  • After-sale service

  • Logistics delivery

  • Product inspection

  • production

  • Sample

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Specializing in the precision processing and manufacturing of metal stamping dies and parts

Dongguan Yushun Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is located in Xiagang community, Chang'an town. It was founded in May 2010. Its main production and operation are: production and development of hardware mold parts, plastic mold parts, jigs, general mechanical parts and jigs. The company adheres to the principle of "customer first, quality first, no best, only better." Business philosophy.

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