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New processing technology of precision mould parts

来源:Dongguan Yushun Precision Mould Co., Ltd.      时间:2019-10-25 09:09:52

1. Additive manufacturing: unrestricted production

The cooling channel in the insert of the precision die is very important in the die. The traditional manufacturing technology can't realize the design of the shape following cooling channel. According to the traditional processing method of precision mold parts, in the actual production, the products will cause shrinkage, porosity, mold sticking, poor filling, warping deformation and other poor quality due to the imbalance of mold temperature. The innovative "additive manufacturing" technology brings solutions for this.

As a kind of additive manufacturing technology, the laser direct sintering metal technology uses the ytterbium fiber laser to shoot the laser into the metal powder, so that the laser can automatically aim at the points in the space constructed by the 3D model, and fuse the materials together to form a solid structure. Nowadays, additive manufacturing technology can produce complex conformal cooling / heating channels that could not be realized before. Contact with the insert area that could not be cooled or heated before, a great revolution has taken place in the quality of precision mold parts.

2. Laser texture: a new design benchmark

With the innovative technology backed by full digital laser texture technology, it can avoid deviation from the initial design, experience the first-class production process of stability and repeatability and unlimited design possibilities.

Users can easily complete the cavity machining of complex shape parts or precision mold parts in a very short delivery time; the machining of watch components, jewelry, small plug-ins, cutting tools and micro parts is also easier to achieve. Full digital processing method eliminates the uncertainty of traditional technology. In the processing of complex 3D parts, such as texture, etching and making logo or emblem, it can not only shorten the delivery period, but also quickly improve the profitability of processing enterprises.