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Precision mold parts need precise control of quantity

来源:Dongguan Yushun Precision Mould Co., Ltd.      时间:2019-10-25 09:21:18

The quantity control of precision mold parts is closely related to the improvement of product quality. One is the control of the amount of added ingredients, and the other is the restrictive adjustment of various factors in the processing of accessories.

The production process of precision mold parts mixture is mainly composed of three operation processes: batching, wet grinding and spray drying. The so-called quality control of mixture production is to effectively control several key parameters of these three operation processes. The quality control of cemented carbide internal material mainly includes the control of total carbon, grain size and internal structure. The external quality control of cemented carbide is mainly reflected in the control of the technological performance of the mixture, that is, the control of the fluidity and loose density of the material. The current control focuses on batching and mixing processes, while the latter focuses on the spray drying process.

With the continuous development of science and technology, precision mold parts are gradually developing towards ultra-fine and high precision. In the process of processing precision mold parts, it is often necessary to use corresponding cutters to cut precision mold parts into shapes with certain size and specification. Because the volume of precision mold parts is small and the required precision is very high, in order to meet the requirements of product quality, for The requirement of cutting accuracy is also gradually improved.

In the process of manufacturing precision mold parts, manufacturers generally use a variety of blades for cutting, existing blades will produce many defects in the cutting process, such as large amount of two-way extrusion, burr will be produced on the end face after cutting, which will have a bad impact on precision mold parts, and the precision required for the production of different precision mold parts is different The existing blades can not meet these needs. We also have strict control over this part during processing.