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How to control the temperature of hardware mold parts during processing?

来源:Dongguan Yushun Precision Mould Co., Ltd.      时间:2019-10-25 09:23:39

Temperature is one of the most important variables in molding. No matter what kind of materials are used to make hardware mold accessories, it is necessary to ensure that the appearance of hardware mold accessories is fundamentally wet. The appearance of a hot metal mold part keeps the liquid state for a long time, which is enough to form pressure in the cavity.

If the cavity is filled and before the frozen skin hardens, the cavity pressure can press the soft information on the mold, then the imitation of the cavity surface is high. On the other hand, if the data of entering the mold cavity under low pressure is suspended, no matter how short the time is, the slight touch of hardware mold accessories and mold will form a stain, sometimes referred to as gate stain.

For each material and part, there is a limit of mold surface temperature, beyond which there may be one or more adverse effects (for example, components can overflow rough edges). Higher temperature of hardware mold parts means less resistance to movement. In many factory processes, this naturally means faster flow through the sprue and cavity, because the active control valve used does not correct this change, and faster filling causes higher useful pressure in the sprue and cavity. Maybe it's a flash.

Because the hotter model does not freeze the material that enters the overflow edge area before the high pressure is formed, the molten material can overflow the burr around the ejector rod and overflow into the gap of the split line. This shows that there is a need for outstanding injection rate control, and some modern active control programmers can do this.

Generally, the increase of the temperature of the hardware mold parts will reduce the condensation layer of the material in the mold cavity, which makes the melting data easier to move in the mold cavity, so as to obtain a larger component and a better appearance quality. The improvement of the temperature of the hardware mould fittings will also add the tension strength of the parts.