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The reason of plastic mold parts breaking

来源:Dongguan Yushun Precision Mould Co., Ltd.      时间:2019-10-25 09:56:15

Plastic mold parts have to bear high pressure and high load working environment. It is likely to happen occasionally when fracture occurs, but why does it happen? If the cause is not found, there is no way to solve the problem. So, what are the conditions that will cause the fracture of plastic mold parts?

The hanging table of plastic mould parts is pulled out, the body of punching needle is broken, the outlet of punching needle is damaged and so on. There are many reasons why plastic mold parts are easy to break, which may be their own reasons, and may be the design defects of the mold.

1. Most of the problems in the assembly of the hanging table of the plastic mold parts are assembly problems, and the assembly method and the degree of assembly tightness are very important;

2. The fracture of the body may be a design problem. The stress is uneven or too large. When the pressure is too high, the fracture will occur. In addition, if the plate is thick, the material of the plastic mold parts may not be strong enough.

3. Another is the long-term use or guide position is wrong, it may cause the outlet wear or damage.