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What are the maintenance methods of non-standard mold parts

来源:Dongguan Yushun Precision Mould Co., Ltd.      时间:2019-10-25 09:58:34

In order to effectively extend the overall service life of non-standard mold parts, people should also master the relevant maintenance methods. So, what are the main maintenance methods for high-quality non-standard mold parts?

1、 Check whether there is any wear between the guide post and guide sleeve of non-standard mold accessories. If the non-standard mold parts are scratched or scratched, people should add lubricant to the guide post and guide sleeve of the parts, so as to reduce the wear of the parts and extend their service life. At the same time, if the mold parts are seriously worn, people should replace the new parts.

2、 Check the water flow. If the water from the hose connected to the outlet of the water way of the mould fittings is in the color or not clear state, it indicates that the mould fittings may be rusted. In order to prevent the rust of the fittings and the blockage of the water pipe, people should pay attention to improving the water treatment system.

3、 Clean the thimble. Since the ejector pin part is easy to accumulate dirt such as dust after long-term use of mold accessories, in order to prevent excessive dirt such as dust from affecting the use effect, people should pay attention to regular use of mold cleaning fluid to clean the ejector pin, and after cleaning, a layer of lubricant should also be applied to prevent fracture and scratch.

4、 Check whether there is fracture in the radius area of hot nozzle. When using mold accessories, people should regularly check whether there is fracture in the radius area of the hot nozzle. If there is fracture, it should be considered whether it is caused by the misalignment of the center line of the accessories or the excessive impact force during the operation of the machine. If the fracture is serious, the sprue sleeve should be smoothed in time.

The above content is the main maintenance methods of high-quality non-standard mold parts. Fully checking the possible failure of non-standard mold parts in the use process and timely doing maintenance work can not only prevent more serious problems of non-standard mold parts, but also effectively improve the overall use performance and function of the parts. At the same time, people in the If you need to use this product, you should also buy it from the most professional manufacturer of non-standard mold accessories.

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